Just a passenger

In the second, I turned around for a last close moment, for another „Goodbye“, I realised that one is always just a passenger, running through a lot of moments and unable to freeze them. I expected, that I will start crying today, after boarding and can’t stop with it. But I didn’t. There is no reason for crying. There is just a big emotion due to four wonderful weeks filled with a lot of special experiences.

I am deeply grateful, that the sisters in Peramiho made me feel like being home. They didn’t hesitate to let me take part at all prayers. They spent their time with me, they are so hospitable – in fact wholeheartedly. I enjoyed every minute especially with Sr. Rosann and Sr. Elisabeth. We had great conversations with a lot of exchanging ideas and thoughts and also with a lot of roaring laughter. And thank you Sr. Elisabeth, for being just there. Furthermore for having nice supper together a several times and of course for preparing the books for praying for me. It isn’t easy to know, which psalms and melodies are needed for the Laudes, Vespers and Compline.

Thank you Sr. Rosann for your heart, for being something like a Mama and a smart „tutor“. Thank you for leaning me, when I got unoriented and got doubts. And thank you for „showing“ me Mary ;-)

And Mark, my best, you are such a great guy. Thanks a lot for taking me by the hand. You led me, when I feel foreign, you made me feel happy in many times, you pointed out, how „life is“ in Tanzania, you showed me what it means, to be a good friend.

There are a lot more „Thanks“ needed… But at least it’s just a big thank to our awesome God.

And while I remember all the nice days, I close my eyes and try to understand, that somewhere in africa these wonderful sisters are still there, praying five times a day. It feels, that they heal my little world, because I feel close to them. But of course it is much more then this. I believe, that there are a lot of little „islands“ on our earth which efforts in our daily life. It cures my soul, to be sure about that.

Now I need a mint….


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